About Us

After failing to find a cure for his wife’s cancer, Victor M. Lim, founder of Spectrum Naturale Inc., started to find an alternative cure. With the help of a friend, Manuel Kiok, together they have done diligent research, confirming and applying their new found hope.

Victor’s wife, Maribel, whose pancreatic cancer was already in the fourth stage, have been told by several oncologists to live for only 6 more painful months. Amazingly, she survived through natural and alternative healing. The reversal of cancer unintentionally led them into further research, sharing to others the benefit of natural medicine. Thus, Spectrum Naturale Inc. was born.

Today, with growing demand in natural healthcare products and food supplements, and with the company’s noble intention of helping people improve their quality of life, Spectrum Naturale Inc. continues their earnest research, development, sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of natural innovative solutions at an affordable cost.

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Our Mission

To develop and adopt the best quality natural supplements and medicines for nationwide and even worldwide markets, increasing consumers’ awareness of natural medicines.

Our Vision

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We envision to be the leading manufacturer and distributor of natural supplements and natural medicines worldwide, improving the quality of life by providing and sharing natural medicine innovations so that more people can receive the benefits of natural healing.