What is Mucoid Plaque and How Dangerous It Is?

Mucoid plaque can be defined as a layer of rubbery residue containing mucus, necrotic cells, and inflammatory exudates. It is compacted layer of mucus and food on colon that requires years to be formed.

The colon is the final portion of digestive system that converts the semi-digested food from small intestine into proper stools.

Our colon has thousands of mucus-secreting glands that add mucus to soften the stools and protect the colon. This secretion of jelly-like mucus is a continuous process and gets mixed with food once it reaches in the colon from small intestine. The presence of mucus plaque on colon is thought to have obstructive effects on its functions of absorbing nutrients and releasing toxins.

The mucoid plaque has a special place in alternative medicine and its removal is connected with better colon and body health.

Medical sciences, on the other hand, are not ready to accept the existence or harmful effects of mucoid plaque. They say that it’s a normal thing and is required for gut flora for its nourishment and growth. It has also been labeled as bio-film by some researchers as they say that no harm has been demonstrated by presence of mucus containing layer on colon.

The possible dangers or health hazards of mucoid plaque can be listed as:

1. Increased risk of diseases due to the presence of toxins in gut:

Our gut is big and flexible enough to hold 8 times the normal amount of ingested food. With advancing age, food particles and mucus combine together to cover the colon surface with this mucoid plaque that contains toxic chemicals like medication compounds, the debris of dead cells, oxidant species and inflammatory substances. The presence of such toxic materials puts colon at risk of developing many infective and inflammatory disorders in addition to impairing its functions. This plaque becomes a pile of wastes in the body and has potential of sending harmful substances to whole body. Removal of this layer can clean the gut and shed the burden of fighting with toxins boosting great deal of immunity and energy levels.

2. Excessive weight gain:

It is speculated that a thick layer of mucoid plaque interferes with excretion of toxins and causes stress on metabolic rate of the body. The slowed rate of metabolism keeps on piling fats from ingested calories as they cannot be absorbed and utilized in their full capacity. All of these factors can lead to unexplained weight gain and can even make it difficult to get rid of those extra pounds.

3. Functional blockage of the gut:

There are a large number of patients who undergo exploratory laparotomy due to abdominal obstruction. It is assumed that if mucoid plaque becomes thick over time, it can inhibit the normal motility of gut by causing its obstruction. The ingested food keeps on accumulating along with mucoid plaque adding more to it. Bowel movements get sluggish causing constipation and complete obstruction in severe cases. This obstruction ignites the bad gut bacteria leading to a colon infection or an inflammatory process like ulcerative colitis. Functional obstruction by mucoid plaque, accumulation of food particles, infection and inflammation combined can proceed to potentially grave consequences like acute abdomen. It may be life-threatening in some cases. Removal of impacted mucoid plaque and inclusion of high fiber diet will remove this risk and gut functioning will remain intact.

It is stated by some alternative practitioners that getting rid of mucoid plaque will provide the following benefits:

  1. Improved energy levels

  2. Better functioning gut

  3. Protection from frequent episodes of diarrhea and constipation

  4. Immunity boost

  5. Relief from allergies and skin disorders

  6. Riddance from parasite and impacted stools

  7. Reduction of colon inflammatory diseases

  8. Protection against gut cancers like colorectal carcinoma

Enemas are the most popular and effective way of removing mucoid plaque that is usually done by holistic practitioners. A soft flexible tube is inserted into the rectum and it is flushed with water to cleanse the gut. Alternative ways of mucoid plaque include juice fasting and special cleansers like master cleanse. It is pertinent to mention here that a little data is available to support this idea and we still need comprehensive research to make a solid point about mucoid plaque.


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